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Welcome to the CCS Triathletes Website

   This site is often being updated as we prepare for the Triathlons - so please come back  soon.

 Regular updates appear at the bottom of this page.

CCS Triathletes are a group of people who are doing a Triathlon to raise funds for CCS Adoption - a charity that helps children who need to be adopted.

The triathlon involves swimming, biking and running in quick succession, either doing the whole lot or as part of a relay. 


Nearly everyone is tackling something they haven’t done before, and amongst the demands of everyday life – work, kids, bills, this has captured our imagination and inspired us to help this cause.  


All funds raised by sponsorship will go towards CCS, a Bristol-based charity that helps find and prepare potential adoptive parents, then place and support children who have been through very difficult times into new families.


Without the likes of CCS, many children wait to get placed into a new family, may  be split up from their brothers and sisters, or may never get placed.  Without support, CCS cannot continue to help these children.  They surely deserve the chances that we have in life, in a stable family background.


This year we have added events for children and young people aged 8 to 16 - please see the date listing below and the "CCS Young Triathletes" page.


Our events for 2009 are:


31st May          Westonbirt Triathlon, Wiltshire

12th July           Bradford-on-Avon Triathlon
25th July           Bristol Triathlon – for children and young adults 8 to 16

26th July           Bristol Triathlon – for adults
30th August       Malmesbury Triathlon, Wiltshire 
4th October      Warwickshire Triathlon, Stratford-upon-Avon


If you'd like to take part we'd be glad to hear from you, and support you all the way.


Thank you for your generosity.
Every contribution makes a difference to a child's life.


Contact us at or on 07971 544709

CCS Triathletes is an independent group that is raising funds for CCS Adoption.


Latest Updates:


16th June 2009:  We have added the Warwickshire Triathlon on 4th October to our list of events.  We're still looking for people to take part in all our events - please do get in touch !

1st June 2009:  A couple of us dragged ourselved around the scenic Westonbirt Triathlon as a "warm-up" event - more like a shock to the system, but great fun.

May 2009:  We are on the look-out for participants in this year's triathlons, so if you're interested, please do contact us !